Comparison of news and newspapers in journalism

Subjective errors are much fuzzier category and newsmakers are not necessarily neutral. But, says Maier, Subjective errors, though by definition involving judgment, should not be dismissed as merely differences in opinion. Sources found such errors to be about as common as factual errors and often more egregious [as rated by the sources. There seems to be no escaping the conclusion that, according to the newsmakers, about half of all American newspaper stories contained a simple factual error in

Comparison of news and newspapers in journalism

Along with their newsroom colleagues, news photographers have not been immune to the layoffs affecting the newspaper industry. But a landmark moment occurred this past May, when the Chicago Sun-Times axed its entire person photography department.

Indeed, the annual newsroom census from the American Society of News Editors indicates that photographers, along with other visual journalists, represent the category of newsroom staffers hit hardest by the numerous rounds of job cuts.

Comparison of news and newspapers in journalism

Data from the last three years alone further highlight this job insecurity. That compares with a negligible job loss 0.

American journalism is collapsing before our eyes

A number of factors seem to be responsible for this high rate of attrition among photographers. Shrinking newsroom budgets play a significant part, but so does the explosion of mobile technology and social media, making it easier for citizens and non-professionals to capture and share images.

Donald Winslow, an official with the National Press Photographers Associationsuggested another factor behind the cuts.


In some cases, he said, the victims were veteran photographers pulling down relatively high salaries, making them tempting targets when newspaper organizations are looking to cut costs.Facebook and Google are by far and away the most important external referral sites for news traffic.

According to publishing industry monitors, by the end of Facebook was responsible for 45 percent of referral traffic . Online newspapers had a diversity level of with articles and online citizen journalism publications had a diversity level of with articles.

Thus, online citizen journalism publication topics were slightly more evenly distributed than online newspapers. News today is increasingly a shared, social experience.

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Half of Americans say they rely on the people around them to find out at least some of the news they need to know. [1] Some 44% of online news users get news at least a few times a week through emails, automatic updates or posts from social.

Journalism - the process of putting news into context and explaining its relevance - is what counts. Our audiences, in print and online, tacitly acknowledge that by choosing one title rather than.

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JOURNALISM National and Campus Newspapers Compared By Shara G. Pineda 2. NEWSPAPER • Is a printed publication which is published and sold at regular intervals.

Comparison of news and newspapers in journalism

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