Employee development strategy essay

Pay only for approved parts Microsoft Case Study Sample: Employee Motivation Employee Motivation and Retention Strategies at Microsoft Introduction Over time computers have proved to be vital in almost every line of work.

Employee development strategy essay

With capable employees there is very little that organizations cannot achieve. Updating skills and knowledge can result in higher productivity.

Training and development are critical HR responsibilities. Trainingdetermined by way of a Training Needs Analysis TNAis required to provide employees with new skills and relevant knowledge which can help them perform their jobs better.

Continuous training is in response to changes in the business environment, new technological development and ways of doing things in a border-less world. When we say "strategic" we are referring to the effectiveness of the training and development programs in improving the ability of employees to perform their jobs better, thus increasing productivity.

Employee development strategy essay better they perform their jobs the higher the organization's productivity. Strategic human resource development involves a continuous stream of necessary actions to maintain or enhance skills and competency.

Have this done on a regular basis. Determine how good your training initiatives are by conducting training evaluation.

Aim for the improvement of the competencies of HR people, line managers and supervisors and every other employees. Competency profiling can help you do this. New Employees When newly-appointed employees report for duty, induct them into your organization.

This assists them to quickly identify with your organization, its structure, systems and procedures, and the business that it carries out. This eases them to fit faster into your work environment.

But what is work? Executive Development Program Strategic human resource development also means identifying and preparing capable employees to take up more responsible positions whether fairly soon or in the near future.

Employees so identified are provided with adequate training of the right type. One of the more effective ways that is becoming more popular is to provide coaching sessions. This involves more than just sending people for training. Develop your executives to become effective leaders.

Employee development strategy essay

Manage the effectiveness of your training programs by ensuring the standard of your training management is always up to expectation. The right leadership qualities of corporate leaders ensure that the various matters relating to effective people development are attended to without fail.

All of these is intended to build HR capacity. But what is Strategic Human Resource Development?

Employee development strategy essay

This means providing your people with relevant training and development programs of various types that are relevant to their respective role, duties and responsibilities and the needs of the organization.

The use of strategy in training and development requires that these are aligned to organizational needs in order to achieve its mission and objectives. For example, you provide counter staff with communication and public relations skills.

This is in addition to training in the roles that they must play such as promoting products or services. Organizational expansion requires employment of new employees. The same is true in restructuring exercises which can result in the creation of new positions.

If you have plans to promote certain people to fill new executive positions, it is reasonable to assume that you have an effective executive development program. This is an essential part of succession planning. It is not enough that employees are required to attend courses. Willingness and readiness to learn are important conditions for effective learning and thus the effectiveness of training.

Identify the training needs of your people and organization by conducting a training needs analysis organization-wide. You need fairly accurate information for this purpose. Gather the required information through various means such as by conducting interviews and holding focus group discussions.

Performance Planning

Study the job descriptions for each position. Interview employees to identify the training required for better performance of their respective job. Talk to supervisors and managers on organizational and employees' training needs. Go through the client's charter, if there is one. Refer to the performance appraisal of each employee, studying the assessor's and departmental head's comments on any required training.Employee Motivation and Retention Strategies at Microsoft.

Introduction. Over time computers have proved to be vital in almost every line of work. The Impact of Strategic Human Resource Management on Employee Outcomes in Private and Public Limited Companies in Malaysia.

mediate the interaction of business strategy and employee outcomes. Furthermore, the effects their people and development (Analoui, ). A modern HRM should emphasize on their.

Employee resourcing and development can significantly add value to an organisation and help to cement the HR business partnership, and this essay will critically analyse the extent to which resourcing and development activities do so.

The Purpose Of Training And Development For Employees Management Essay. Print Reference this. Disclaimer: Purpose and Importance Of Training and Development For Employees and Organization: Increased innovation in strategies and products. Reduced employee turnover. Enhanced company image, e.g., conducting ethics training (not a good.

Product Development. A classic strategy, it involves developing new products to sell to your existing customers as well as to new ones. If you have a choice, you would ideally like to sell your. effectiveness differs according to contingency factors such as business strategy, national culture, competitive environment, and employee characteristics, we need to .

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