Juno movie essay

Beth Grant as Carla Jean's mother The role of Llewelyn Moss was originally offered to Heath Ledgerbut he turned it down to spend time with his newborn daughter Matilda. Josh Brolin was not the Coen's first choice, and enlisted the help of Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez to make an audition reel.

Juno movie essay

The protagonist in the movie Juno had to confront an early pregnancy at the age of sixteen. Juno movie essay of going through an abortion, she decides to give birth to the baby and set up an adoption. The story revolves around the pressure she has to go through in her early adulthood, conflicts of emotion and dilemmas of taking right decisions.

According to World Health Organization WHOThe social determinants of health has been descriptively shown in the movie with respect to conditions in which people are born and grows up, age and living conditions.

Also emphasis is given on resources like money which plays a major determinant for raising children and proving good healthy conditions. According to National Institute of Health and Clinical Sciences, Pregnant women under the age of twenty are uncomfortable using antenatal care services.

It has been observed that they are reluctant to accept their pregnancy and are unsure about parents reaction and feel embarrassment. However in the movie parents of the teenager are supportive and her step mother helps in getting antenatal health services.

The mother guides the daughter through out in the course of pregnancy and is strongly supported by one of her best friends. In the movie Juno movie essay diversity of cultural values has been prominently referred to.

Issues like early pregnancy is considered acceptable and regarded with openness than cases like drug abuse by teenagers. This reflects the cultural value of being open about adolescents loosing their virginity during early adulthood.

The period of emerging adulthood is not specifically defined by age group. It is considered more subjective depending on the location, culture, psychological aspects, living condition and various situations once has to go through.

Juno has to take adult like decisions during her adolescence which leads her to mature faster than usual. Over all the movie reflects sociological and psychological turmoil during emerging adulthood.

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The theory revolves around child development in the conditions of system of relationships. The factors which communicate for maturing are immediate family, environment, societal landscape that steers ones development.

The structure of the environment is divided into various layers which as follows- 1. It contains structure which has direct contacts with the children and is the closest layer. It comprises of relationships and interactions a child has with her immediate surroundings. Bronfenbrenner describes bi-directional influence.

In the movie, Juno grows up without her mother which brings a rebellious and independent approach in her. It has been shown that she is not open to accept her feelings towards Paulie Bleeker and also considers having intercourse as a mere source of entertainment.

It reflects a family environment which is not conventional and is willing to adapt to modern cultural system. At microsystem, influences are strongest and have greatest impact. I this theory, interaction within a layer and interaction between the layers of structures is critical.

It is the connection between the structures involved in microsystem. Exosystem is the indirect larger social system where the person does not communicate. It has been observed that Juno gets impacted and stressed out when she finds out about difference between the spouse who are going to adopt her child.

The husband confronts his wife regarding his unwillingness to be a father which leads to their divorce. Though its an interaction in the outer circle where she is not directly involved but does impacts her, as she is concerned regarding upbringing of her baby by single parent.

This also reflects her inhibitions due to past personal experience. This is one of the intangible outermost layer in the ecological system.

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This layer contents cultural values, customs and laws. It is considered to have a step by step influence throughout interactions with all other layers. As mentioned above above cultural values has reflected strongly in the movie. In the western countries,like USA where movie takes place losing virginity post 15 years of age is considered normal.Free Juno movie papers, essays, and research papers.

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in North American theaters on May 15, , and around the world during the latter half of that. Oct 22,  · Movie Analysis - Juno The last scene I have chosen is at the end of the movie after Juno gives Vanessa her baby.

Juno movie essay

Juno and Paulie are together finally and are singing. They are showing some of the signs of the romantic rules. Thank you so much this essay really helped me look at aspects i wouldn't have normally noticed:D.

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Juno movie essay
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