Water pollution in egypt

Egypt receives most of its water from the Nile. The quality of water in the river faces threats due to untreated industrial and agricultural effluents that are deposited there.

Water pollution in egypt

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Egypt - For better or for worse: The Greater Cairo Metropolitan Area GCMA is the largest urban and industrial center in Egypt, which, inwas ranked eighth among the world's top urban agglomerations. Twenty million people live and work in Greater Cairo, which is surrounded by major heavy industries to the north and the south, including large, as well as small and medium enterprises.

As in many megacities in the world, air pollution has been a chronic problem in Greater Cairo. The persistent air quality problem represents a serious hurdle to the competitiveness that is a key to the socioeconomic development of Greater Cairo and therefore the nation.

An action plan has prepared for the implementation of the main sectorial policies. This action plan will have to be developed and changed where required because it can only be implemented within a coherent framework of environmental, energy, and economic policies that need to be defined and adopted by the government.

Therefore, the action plan, as presented in this report, should be considered as a basis for ongoing discussions with the government. These discussions must, in any case, be continued to support the implementation of the work that has been initiated through this report.

The action plan also identifies the entities that should be involved in or responsible for implementing and monitoring specific activities.

Water pollution in egypt

See Less - Details.Industrialization and urbanization have intensified environmental health risks and pollution, especially in developing countries. Air pollution, lead poisoning, inadequate water supply, sanitation and hygiene, and hazardous waste cause debilitating and fatal illnesses, create harmful living conditions, and destroy ecosystems.

Pollution stunts economic growth and exacerbates poverty and inequality in both urban . Egypt’s Nile water pollution rates are alarming, and people and natural life are being affected, while the efforts on the part of the government to fix the situation remain questionable.

Water pollution in egypt

The level of the Egyptian Red Sea water pollution by oil was studied to assess the general pattern of oil pollutants and to evaluate the hydrocarbon origin (anthropogenic, petrogenic or biogenic) with emphasis on the poly aromatic hydrocarbons in surface water.

water-related issues in Egypt: significant agricultural freshwater use, pollution of the Nile from wastewater polluted with pesti- cides and fertilizer runoff, ability to sustain a livelihood for the.

"This water is a source of pollution and a source of diseases, for the people and also for the environment," Hillis said. "Visitors to the sea suffer from a lot of illnesses related to the skin because of the direct contact from swimming in this polluted water.".

Clean water is not on the agenda in Egypt, but given the scale of health problems among Egyptians living near the Nile, perhaps it should be The problem of water pollution is spread throughout.

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