Writing about zoo animals

Argumentative Essay Animals should be kept in zoos for the betterment of their welfare.

Writing about zoo animals

There are many ways to write this essay so the thoughts here are personal. Zoos are quite controversial. Anyone can use the essay if they wish. If you read an essay on conservation it may help explain what it means. The animals that we see in zoos are wild animals.

They were created to live in wild, natural places. In these wild places there is lots of space for an animal to hunt and live naturally. A famous wild animal is the tiger. In Russia, a tiger lives in a space that is about 80 miles by 80 miles or square miles. Now put that tiger in a cage that is 30 feet by 30 feet.

How do you think he feels? That is one very good reason why tigers should not be in zoos. It is not just about tigers, though. Many other animals in zoos live in very small spaces compared to the space that they have in the wild. This can make the animal stressed and unhappy. It is not just about space.

Zoo animals often cannot behave naturally. How can a tiger hunt its prey in a zoo? If you were not allowed to do the things you like to do for the rest of your life how would you feel? Zoos are for entertaining people.

What they mean is that zoos help to stop wild animals dying out in the wild. The trouble is that often zoos do not help in conservation. If fact some people say that they make things worse.This zoo animal research project is perfect for studying zoo animals. Students can document their learning with writing and pictures as they study, research and observe animals..

Included in this research creation are graphic organizers and anchor charts, writing activities, labeling activities, and a zoo passport, There are 23 different. Zoo Animals Counting Mats This set of zoo animals counting mats is a great addition to your preschool lessons.

Tots and preschoolers will work on a variety of skills as they use these pages.

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At the Zoo Jane: Today is a nice day. I am happy because we are at the zoo. James: Oh look! There is a monkey! Do you think that the zoo is only for children? What animal do you like best? Photo used under Creative Commons from DavidFreeman.

Blog Ready Lesson Project Writing Speaking - . This Zoo Animals Lesson Plan is suitable for 2nd Grade. In this writing worksheet, 2nd graders read each sentence, rewrite each sentence and then draw a line to . In this zoo animals worksheet, students use the cover story "Light, Animals, Action" from the magazine Time for Kids to complete the sentences about the zoo animals.

Students create a booklet about the animals.

writing about zoo animals

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